Gosh Darn it, I'm Worth It!!!

So here come those ridiculous affirmations again. I can certainly understand how many of you may be suspicious about the idea of affirmations. Even without Stuart Smally, they can seem like a waste of effort.  But I want to share with you a way to set up an Affirmation Practice that is actually quite powerful.

When I first opened myself up to a practice of affirmations, I thought it was just about writing the affirmation down x number of times morning and night.  Keep doing that and the magic will happen…well, not exactly.

How to Set up an Affirmation Practice (FIT Part 2)

Two Types of Affirmations: Set an Intention or Deconstruct a False Negative Belief.

How to Set An Intention: Call up a quality that reflects how you want to be in the world that you can access inside yourself, such as, “I center myself with grace and ease.” It can be something that arises naturally in certain moments, or that you have worked to cultivate within you.

How to Deconstruct False Negative Beliefs – I learned this from Jen Sincero. Here’s how it works:

  • Find the belief, “I’m not a good teacher because I don’t get through to the kids.”
  • Now you ask – Is this true? Look for evidence you have that disproves this.
  • Next come up with examples where you did get through to the kids. Recall specific incidents.
  • Then write a Statement of Truth:  “When I connect with the kids one on one, they learn the material”.

Feel Into It

So – you come up with the intention or the affirmation.  Then what you do is recall that memory of when it happened.  Again make it come truly alive:

The teacher remembers her student and what they worked on and how the student’s face lit up because he finally got a concept he’d struggled with for so long – and the teacher felt an excited energy, a warmth in her heart, a huge smile on her face – she felt capable, effective, proud, and happy for herself and the student.

Now she calls all of this up – and she puts her hands where she feels these sensations in her body – and she activates those feelings – she makes it as alive as possible and again breathes into it – she may say these words out loud.  All the while, she feels into it.

What’s the Point?

  • Regenerates these feelings in the body
  • This shifts pathways in the brain
  • As you practice this, you can activate these feelings in times of stress, worry, or self-doubt
  • For those of you who believe in the forces of the Universe, it sends out a vibration to the Universe that it can respond to in kind.
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