My Favorite Season

With the start of Fall, I find myself taking inventory:  Along with the falling leaves, what do I need to let go of?  As I look forward to the energy of the crisp air, what new beginnings stir within?

I've had quite a hiatus from this blog.  And it is interesting how the rhythms of daily life can feel like an undertow.  Continuously pulled along and perhaps a bit under by the tasks at hand - the day to day responsibilities of life. 

When I say "pulled under", I mean automatically going along without pausing to ask:

  • Am I connected to myself right now? 
  • Am I in alignment with my vision, my integrity, my core beliefs?
  • Am I aware of my energy level, my needs, my emotions, my body?

As I see how many months have passed since I wrote I am aware of the cost of the undertow.  I'd rather set my course, than be pulled along.  I'm ready to pause and reset: to let go of being on automatic pilot; to let go of ignoring myself.

In this new beginning, I determine where I will set my focus.  To engage with my feet firmly planted, feeling the earth underneath, grounding me in this moment, this day.  So I can set my intention: what matters most to me today - right now?

Then yes, I must still attend to the tasks at hand - yet also make space for even the tiniest step towards my intention:

  • pull up my website
  • review my list of blog ideas
  • watch/read to inspire
  • spend 15 minutes free-hand writing
  • gather photos to use
  • remind myself it doesn't have to be brilliant or perfect, so just dive in!

We have the potential to create our lives - in each moment.  We may stray, but we can always come back.