The Work: Therapy for Women

Welcome -

My intention with this website is to give you a good sense of what it would be like to work with me.  We know the quality of the therapeutic relationship is essential to the outcome of therapy.  Yet with all the choices available it can be quite challenging to discern which option will be best suited to you.  So my goal here is to present you with relevant material to help make this decision process as accessible and insightful as possible.

The Connection:

In the counseling session you find a place where you can be yourself.  In a safe and comfortable space we settle in to what matters most to you.  Our connection forms the foundation of the therapeutic work.  As your therapist, I delve into this process with you fully present to your inner experience: to facilitate, collaborate, foster courage, and nourish your emerging self.

The Essential Outcomes of Therapy:


When we bump up against the belief, "I'm not good enough", it frequently holds us back: we may question ourselves, stay invisible, or compare ourselves to others. This paralyzing belief system diminishes our capacity to lead a full life.  In therapy, we attend to the underlying shame and work together to transform these internalized beliefs so that you come to experience and genuinely trust in your own inherent value. By taking risks in therapy, and enriching your sense of self in the process, you come away feeling solid enough to show the world who you are.

Ease and Self-Acceptance

When I notice myself trying to do it all perfectly, I also see the undercurrent of stress, anxiety, and pressure that leaves me completely exhausted.  How do I quiet the voice that judges me when I don't get it right?  In session, we slow down and pay attention to what comes up inside you.  We learn how to attend to and soften the inner critic.  We develop skills that allow you to be with your internal world and cultivate acceptance for what you uncover.  In this process, you learn how to tolerate and soothe strong emotions that have hijacked you in the past.  You feel resilient, flexible, and able to navigate life from a centered place.

Self- Expression in Close Relationships

When we silence ourselves to prevent disappointment, disapproval, or anger, we end up protecting the relationship at our own expense.  When we are in the midst of conflict or pressure, we often lose sight of our own feelings or needsThese patterns of disconnection may elicit loneliness, resentment, or feeling shut down.  Identifying and transforming these patterns is foundational to therapy.  We start by tuning into your emotions - which guide you to your primary needs.  We focus on getting grounded in your own voice and in trusting that your needs are legitimate.  I help you bolster your sense of agency so you can advocate for yourself and know you will remain intact no matter the response.  We also explore how vulnerability creates connection and is fundamental to emotional intimacy.

If you're interested in learning how to do this transformational work, please give me a call at 503.224.6559 or schedule an appointment to talk via the contact form.