“Therapy is about creating the safety that will allow us to make deep emotional change”
— Diana Fosha, PhD


It’s time for something different. You’re ready to embody harmony, vitality, and freedom. You can no longer stand to be held back by these internal blocks. You see how detrimental it is to your sense of self, relationships, energy, and mood. This new awareness generates momentum and resolve. You are ready to release these patterns that have held you back from authenticity, intimacy, and ease. But it’s not clear how to move forward, and so you end up feeling completely stuck.


You aren’t meant to sort through this on your own. We humans just don’t work that way. We heal only within the context of a safe relationship. I am here to be with you. I am here with kindness, acceptance, honesty, and even a bit of humor. I am here to be brave with you. I am here to help you unravel the threads that lead to the source of those stuck places.


These internal blocks come from relational wounding you’ve experienced in the past. It’s like a hidden web of hurt covered over with protective layers to help keep you safe. This leads to disconnection, isolation, or abandonment of self - in other words; to stay safe you’ve had to hide your heart from yourself and others.

Yet it’s so important to know that we all have glimmers of health and well-being woven deeply within each of us. These glimmers are innate, ever present, and always striving to come to the surface. Ultimately, your true essence will unfold.


Within the warmth and nurturing space of our connection, we gently attend to the tender hurts and nourish those glimmers. Working together in therapy, we heal the relational wounds so that powerful new potentials emerge; such as a deep sense of self-love and self-trust. Here you find the freedom and resilience to be real in your life, and to be close in your relationships.

I invite you to come home to your heart

If this appeals to you, please give me a call at 503.224.6559 to see if our connection resonates   .

If this appeals to you, please give me a call at 503.224.6559 to see if our connection resonates.