My office is located in NW Portland in a beautifully restored historic house.  When you enter the building, you will come up to the third floor where you will find the waiting area at the top of the stairs.  I will come out to meet you at the time of our appointment.

My office address:

811 NW 20th Avenue, Suite 303.                                 Portland, OR 97209

You can reach me by calling my confidential voicemail at 503.224.6559.


If you prefer to schedule a time for our phone call, please send me a message with some options of days and times that work for you to talk.  I will email you back to let you know which time (s) work for me, or suggest alternate times. 

*Please note that it is not possible to ensure confidentiality when using email, so please do not send any medical or other sensitive information in the form.
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